Antivirus Software

The IT Service Desk recommends antivirus software as well as an antispyware solution to combat today's viruses/malware.  Both Windows and Macs can get infections. Depending on what product you’re using for virus/spyware removal we recommend that you run monthly security scans with products like System Endpoint Protection Center, Windows Defender, or Avast antivirus. Often these scans can slow down your PC and occasionally take lengthy amounts of time to complete, however they can remove unwanted viruses and spyware which can cause pop-ups and security threats.

Typically, these products will allow you to run a scan and then prompt for the removal of infections. In addition, if they remove something which was necessary for your PC there are often a quarantine area where you can restore files from.
  • Faculty and staff have computers that are managed by the IT Department, the updates and scanning are done automatically.  We do not encourage sensitive users or users with sensitive data (such as social security numbers, passport photos, etc.) to remove viruses themselves.  If you’re experiencing a virus/spyware infection please contact the IT Service Desk immediately, do not attempt virus removals yourself.
  • Students must install their own software if it did not come installed when the computers was purchased.  If you have any older antivirus software you must uninstall it prior to installing a new A/V product. If a virus or spyware is found on your computer, you can remove it yourself by following the instructions on the vendor’s website. You can also contact the IT Service Desk for assistance.
If you have questions regarding virus/spyware removal please contact the IT Service Desk at (919)962-0792 or and we will be happy to assist you.