Parking Gate App

CBORD App Setup

  •  Log into the App Store
  •  Download the “CBORD Mobile ID App”
  •  Search for “CBORD Mobile ID.
  •  Open the CBORD app.
  •  It will ask you to enter a Server URL:
  •  Click on “Authenticate my Device”
  •  You will be brought to the Single Sign-On screen.
  •  Enter your Onyen and Password and “sign in”
  •  Click on Authorize. The app should then show that you are authenticated on the server.
  •  Create a four-digit PIN

At The Parking Gate

  •  On the App, you will see your picture, and a number of a parking gate. This is the most recent gate you have accessed.
  •  If you are accessing a new gate for the first time, swipe your OneCard, and the app will show that gate next time you enter.
  •  When you get to the gate, swipe the CBORD button at the bottom of the app.
  •  The gate should open for you.


  • Parking Gate (lower level): 1776 – Access-Pking-BSD-Gate 23
  • Parking Gate (lower level): 1777 – Access-Pking-BSD-Gate 22
  • Parking Gate (upper level): 1779 – Access-Pking-BSD-Gate 24
  • Fitness Center: 3653 – Access-McColl-Rm1002 FitCtr