Remote Desktop Connection

You must have VPN to access a computer from off campus.  ITS provides instruction for installing and configuring Cisco AnyConnect VPN software for use with UNC's network available here: Please note that you will need your Onyen to view UNC's VPN clients. To remote into a computer at UNC Kenan-Flagler the computer you are trying to access must be a Windows PC that is added to the Business domain, it must be powered on, it must be connected to the internet, and you must know the name of the computer you are trying to access.  Without meeting these requirements, you will not be able to connect to your office computer.

Apple iOS and MacOS

Cisco AnyConnect VPN software is available from UNC's shareware site on OS X and MacOS, on mobile devices it is available directly through the App Store. In addition to the VPN, you will need the Microsoft Remote Desktop connection App available through the App Store.To connect remotely to a PC, open the Remote Desktop app, then you  create a connection by using the “+” sign in upper-right hand corner to Add New, select Desktop, enter “” for PC Name, enter “business\BusinessUsername” for Add User Account, then  “BusinessPassword” for your Password.  Save the connection.

Windows PC

Open Remote Desktop and use your PC’s full name “”.  It will ask for your credentials when you connect for the first time, use “business\BusinessUsername” for your Username, and your Business account password for your password.  In addition, you may need to use the Show Options button on the lower-left hand side and visit the Advanced tab to change the “If server authentication fails” dropdown from “Warn me” to “Connect and don’t warn me” if you are unable to connect.