If you are experiencing difficulty with the Outlook client, please use Outlook Web Mail at: you are having issues with your Outlook mail client, we recommend restarting your PC, if it hasn't been restarted recently (two weeks at most), this especially applies to Kenan-Flagler Faculty & Staff PCs.  Also try logging in again & click OK and always trust certificates from Auto-discover if prompted.  If you are on a Windows PC, you may want to try and clear the cache from your browser.
Your email ID
As a member of the Business School you are provided with a UNC Kenan-Flagler email address. This email address remains active as long as you are an active employee/student and is deactivated upon departure or graduation. When you receive your account information, you will be provided with your email address and your email alias.Your email alias is in the form of John Smith's email alias would be If you would like to request a name change to your alias (ie. John to Jack) you can do so by emailing your requested change to the IT Service Desk.Please click on an option below to see more information on how to configure it for your device:


Outlook for Windows Email Setup

  1. Restart your Windows PC
  2. Open Microsoft Outlook
  3. Click Add Account
  4. Enter your Kenan-Flagler email address:
  5. Click Next
  6. Enter your Kenan-Flagler password
  7. Click Next
  8. You will then see a message that says, Your email account was successfully configured
  9. Click Finish
If you see a message at the bottom of your Outlook window that says "connected to Microsoft Exchange, then your email should start loading. Please contact us at if you have any difficulty.

Outlook for Apple Email Setup

  1. One Welcome to Outlook page, click Get started
  2. Click Add Account
  3. Enter your Kenan-Flagler Email Address: Your Kenan-Flalger
  4. Enter your Kenan-Flagler password
  5. Click Add Account
  6. A window may appear that indicates the connection was redirected to  Check the box to Allow
Be patient while your account will begin to sync inside of Outlook 2016 for Mac.  The initial syncing can take a few minutes, especially if you are not connected to the wireless network.  Please contact us at if you have any difficulty.

Mobile - Android Setup

  1. Download the Outlook Mobile App from the Google Play store
  2. Open Outlook for Android
  3. Click Get Started (or click on your initials > gear icon > Add account)
  4. Uncheck other email accounts (if they show and are checked) > click Skip (Bottom right)
  5. Enter your email address: > Click Continue
  6. On the login page displaying Your KF Username, enter your KFBS password.  Click Sign in.
  7. Choose Skip
  8. After Tutorial, click on the Three Lines (top left), then the Gear (lower left)
  9. Turn off  the 'Focused Inbox' feature

Mobile - iOS Setup

  1. Download Outlook Mobile App from the App Store
  2. Open Outlook for iOS
  3. Click Get Started (or click on your initials > add account)
  4. Enter your email address:  First_Last
  5. Click Continue
  6. You should see "Taking you to your organization's sign on page"
  7. On the login screen with Your KF Username, enter your password.  Click Sign in
  8. hoose Maybe Later
  9. After the Tutorial, Enable Notifications & Allow iOS Notifications
  10. Click top left with your initials, Click Gear in lower left, Disable Focused Inbox


How do I forward an Alias?

An email alias is a forwarding email address.  Some employees may require an email alias that forwards email to their UNC Kenan-Flagler address. The alias is not set up by default and requires a main campus Microsoft Exchange mailbox/contact object. Below are the requirements and steps for configuring an alias.**Please Note: We do not encourage using an alias as it requires mail to pass through a main campus mail server leaving us with little control over mail flow.**Verify you have an active main campus Exchange account by logging into and checking your listed aliases ('My Aliases') for an exchange account. These will usually be listed with, and suffixes.
  1. From 'My Aliases', select 'add alias' and enter the alias you wish to use.
  2. From 'My Aliases', select 'Set Reply-To Address' and set the alias you wish to use as the primary.
  3. From 'My Aliases', select 'Manage Forwarding' and enter your UNC Kenan-Flagler email address. You will need to select the suffix from the drop-down menu.
Once this is complete, send an email to requesting the alias be put in place. Include the address you wish to use. You will be notified when the request is complete.