McColl HyFlex Classrooms

For technical issues or questions, please contact Academic Technologies
Phone:  919-730-9108

Preparing the Console PC

*Console PC must be used to ensure that classroom audio/video is properly recorded and transmitted to Zoom Participants*

Crestron Panel and Projectors

  1. Activate the Crestron panel if not turned on. The password is FUND
  2. Turn on both the front projector and the new Zoom projector
    • If you have no image on the front projector, make sure you press the “send to projector” button on the touch Panel

Classroom Computer

  1. Make sure the PC source is selected on the touch panel
  2. Log into the console PC using your KFBS credentials (This is your KFBS Username and Password)
  3. Access your desired Kenan-Flagler resource through the browser and login with your KFBS Username (
    • Canvas (
    • Office365 (
    • MyKE (
*Authenticating with any of these sites should authenticate you for all of them*


Sign in to Zoom Client

  1. Open Zoom on the classroom computer
  2. At the Zoom Login screen, click the Sign in with SSO option
  3. Type kenan-flagler as the company domain and click continue. This will redirect you to the Kenan-Flagler login page where you can login with your Kenan-Flagler username and password.

Display 49 Participants

  1. Go to Settings in the Zoom client
  2. Go Click the Video option in settings
  3. Check the box beside Display up to 49 participants per screen in Gallery View

Start Zoom Meeting

  1. Open your scheduled Zoom meeting and when you get the pop up, connect using the computer audio
  2. Run the audio “test speakers and microphone” and adjust if necessary
    • to make sure everything sounds correct in the classroom speakers.
      1. Select “Crestron” for test speaker
      2. Select “digital audio interface (inogeni)” to test mic
  3. If the classroom camera does not show, go to the Zoom camera options and select that camera.
  4. When share screen is started in Zoom, the remote participant window will automatically move to the rear screen (Please see ‘Setting up PowerPoint for HyFlex below). If you have a guest speaker you will have to manually drag the remote participant to the main/front projector.

Annotating from another device via Zoom

  1. Connect your desired annotation device to the Zoom meeting via a meeting URL (Don’t login to Zoom since this may disconnect the console PC)
  2. Use the console PC to make your connected Device a Co-Host
  3. Share the screen from the connected device and run the meeting from there

Setting up PowerPoint for HyFlex

* These adjustments must be made before teaching in a HyFlex setting* 
  1. Within PowerPoint, click the [Slide Show] tab.
  2. Click the Monitor drop down menu towards the right of the ribbon tab
  3. Change the selection from “Automatic” to “Primary Monitor”
  4. Unselect “Use Presenter View”