How to Request Access to Tableau Dashboards

1) Digitally sign * each of the documents listed below and attach the signed documents to an email with the subject line “Tableau Access Request” to your manager for review.2) If approved, your manager should forward the email with attachments to, after typing “I approved” in the body of the email.*Digital signature on the request and attestation documents is easy.
  • Download and save the document to a folder on your computer. Go to your “saved location and open the document.  Do not open the document from the download ribbon at the bottom of the browser.  You must open the document from the “saved” location.  Look on the right navbar and you will see “Fill and Sign”.
  • Complete the request
  • Click on the “Fill and Sign” link, then move the cursor to the signature line.
  • At the top of the page you will see a “sign icon” . Click on the icon and you are all set.
Tableau Dashboard Access Request

Tableau Attestation

Once we receive your signed request form and attestation with your manager’s approval, we will set up your access to Tableau and send an email to you on how to log in and access the approved dashboards/reports.If you have any questions or need assistance, please email the DIA team at or visit the IT Service Desk.