Multifactor Authentication

Registration for Multifactor Authentication and Self-Service Password Reset

  • Go to
  • At the login screen, enter your  Kenan-Flagler username
  • You will see a screen that says More information required. Click Next
  • You will be asked to enter your Kenan-Flagler password, enter it and click Sign In
  • You will then see a screen that says Keep your account secure.  Click Next
  • Download and Install the Microsoft Authenticator App on your Apple or Android mobile device
  • At the Set up your account screen, click Next.  You will then see a screen with a QR code.
  • On the Microsoft Authenticator app, click on the + to add an account, then choose  Work or school account.  Choose Scan a QR code
  • Scan the QR code on the computer screen and click Next
  • Your account will then send a Test notification, and should say "Notification Approved".  Click Next
  • You will then be asked to set up a second factor of Authentication.  You can enter your phone number, then choose Text me a code.  Click Next
  • You should receive a text on your phone with codes. Enter the codes, and you should see a message that says SMS verified.  Click Next
  • This completes your Multifactor Authentication registration

Self-Service Password Reset

After setting up your 2 factors of authentication, you are now enrolled in Self-Service Password Reset. If you forget your Kenan-Flagler password, or it expires, simply do the following:
  • Go to
  • Click the link that says Can't access your Account?
  • You will see a screen that says Which type of account do you need help with? Choose Work or school account.
  • Enter your Kenan-Flagler
  • Enter the characters as displayed, click Next
  • Choose I forgot my password, then click Next
  • You will then see a screen that says Verification Step 1, you can choose what method of authentication you want to use.  You can send a text or a call to your phone, or approve a notification on Microsoft Authenticator, or use codes from Authenticator. Follow the instructions to verify your identify.  You will then be asked for a second method of authentication.
  • You will see a screen that says Choose a new password.  Enter the new password you would like to use for your Kenan-Flagler account.  Remember that it has to be a minimum of 17 characters.  You can use Capital letters, special characters or numbers, but they are not required.
  • You will then see a screen that confirms that your password has been reset.  You should also receive an email confirming.
If you need further assistance, contact us at or call us at 919-962-0792