UNC Virtual Lab

Running Virtual Lab

  • Open a Firefox or Chrome Internet browser
  • Go to virtuallab.unc.edu
  • Log in with your UNC Onyen and password
  • You will see UNC-Chapel Hill Security Message.  Click on Accept
  • It will show you a Citrix Receiver screen.  Click on the Detect Receiver button
  • Check the box that says "I agree with the Citrix license agreement"
  • Click on Download, then click Save File
  • Citrix Workspace app will how in the downloaded files.  In the upper-right corner (Firefox) or at the bottom of the screen (Chrome)
  • Follow the instructions below to install the Citrix Workspace app.

Installing Citrix Workspace

  • In the Welcome to Citrix Workspace screen, click on the Start button
  • Check the box to accept the license agreement, click next
  • Click Install (do not enable single sign-on)
  • Once you see the installation is successful, click Finish (not add account)
  • Search for Citrix Receiver on your computer, and run it
  • Click add account
  • It will ask for a username.  Enter virtuallab.unc.edu
  • It will then ask for a username and password.  Enter your UNC Onyen and password
  • You should then be able to access the Virtual Lab virtual desktop, and run applications