UNC Virtual Lab

Please note that UNC Virtual Lab now requires you to sign in with UNC Duo 2-Factor authentication.  If you are not registered for 2-Factor authentication, you can register here.  You will be asked to log in with your UNC Onyen account: https://account.itsapps.unc.edu/shared/duo 

Running Virtual Lab

  • Open a Firefox or Chrome Internet browser
  • Go to virtuallab.unc.edu
  • Log in with your UNC Onyen and password
  • You will be asked to choose an authentication method.
  • Once you have approved your authentication, you will see a security message. Click Accept
  • It will show you a Citrix Receiver screen.  Click on the Detect Receiver button
  • Check the box that says "I agree with the Citrix license agreement"
  • Click on Download, then click Save File
  • Citrix Workspace app will how in the downloaded files.  In the upper-right corner (Firefox) or at the bottom of the screen (Chrome)
  • Follow the instructions below to install the Citrix Workspace app.

Installing Citrix Workspace

  • In the Welcome to Citrix Workspace screen, click on the Start button
  • Check the box to accept the license agreement, click next
  • Click Install (do not enable single sign-on)
  • Once you see the installation is successful, click Finish (not add account)
  • Search for Citrix Workspace on your computer, and run the app
  • Click add account
  • It will ask for a username.  Enter virtuallab.unc.edu
  • It will then ask for a username and password.  Enter your UNC Onyen and password
  • There is a second password box.  This is for 2-factor authentication.  You can enter "push" to send a push to your Duo app on your phone, or you can open your Duo Mobile app, and enter the current six digit code (with no spaces) in the second password box.
  • You should then be able to access the Virtual Lab virtual desktop, and run applications


If you need to run the Arena application, this is no longer available through the UNC Virtual Lab.  You can access it here:https://rdweb.wvd.microsoft.com/arm/webclient/index.htmlYou must log in with your onyen@ad.unc.edu and Onyen passwordThis should bring you to a Microsoft Virtual Desktop, that allows you to launch Arena.